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Commercialising Innovation: Global

After a number of years pursuing an ambitious innovation strategy in the beer category, SABMiller were concerned about their failure to sustain most new products in the market beyond the initial launch period. They also identified that they needed to raise their capability in the commercialisation of innovation.  

We carried out extensive research across the organisation to identify best practice learnings on new product launches, supplemented with external research and expert interviews from other companies. Using this knowledge, we identified the key principles for planning and executing new product launches that lead to sustainable long term success, which we then developed into a step-by-step toolkit to be used by local marketeers around the world.  

“The resulting toolkit was a combination of the best of internal and external knowledge, tailored to suit the SABMiller organisation and how we market our brands. It was a winning combination of high quality content with a practical, user-friendly approach.”  

- Grainne Gilsenan, Global Head of Innovation Platforms and Capability, SABMiller




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