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Strategic Project Leadership

Strategic Project Leadership: Netherlands

Faced with a gradual loss of market share and new more aggressive competition, the Grolsch brand was in need of a strategic overhaul – to redefine the target consumer, brand positioning and three year brand strategy, as well as to develop a new creative platform and innovation pipeline.   

We set up and managed a process against a tight timeline that harnessed diverse people and information resources from within the business as well as external partners, with full engagement of local, regional, global stakeholders across functions. We also led the information analysis and generation of strategic insights on the project. As a result, the project moved forward at pace to a successful conclusion, while client management time was freed up to focus primarily on the substantive issues and decisions on the project.

 “Brand Led Growth were able to bring valuable external knowledge and process management skills to our project team, and they also have a strong ability to adapt and apply it to our organisation, so that we could keep the project moving and enrol our stakeholders as needed. Their working style suit our needs perfectly - they bring a combination of challenge and collaboration which helps us get great results for the business.”   

- Jan Nales, Marketing Director, Grolsch NV