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Brand Architecture: Ireland

Fáilte Ireland, Ireland’s National Tourism Development Board, had successfully launched a number of regional sub-brand concepts, but there were some regions and tourist experiences that did not fit as well with this brand architecture structure.

Through extensive consultation with multiple stakeholders and assessment of research data, we developed a revised brand architecture model based on insights around the decision-making process and motivations of the target visitor segments, making it easier for visitors to assess what Ireland had to offer as a holiday destination and plan a holiday to suit their needs.

“The sheer breadth and diversity of what Ireland can offer to potential visitors can make communication a complicated task. But thanks to the brand architecture work of Brand Led Growth, we have a simpler way to represent holiday choices to visitors, which also gives invaluable direction to the local tourism industry so that we are together more focussed and consistent in our marketing efforts.“

Niall Tracey, Director of Marketing, Fáilte Ireland