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Consumer Journey: Ireland

As a niche mortgage provider in a highly competitive banking market, EBS needed to offer a superior customer service experience to compete against its bigger rivals, and to ensure this experience was consistent across multiple brand touchpoints.

Through in-depth qualitative research, we mapped the home and mortgage decision journey of target consumers, identifying the insights and influences that drive the customer’s decisions at key hot-spots on the journey.  We then collaborated with the EBS team in a creative process to generate ideas for service innovation at key hotspots where they could maximise their impact on the customers decision process.   

“Brand Led Growth brought a highly innovative approach to the project, which allowed us to get under the skin of the customer and understand what can be quite a complex decision-making journey.   We also got  great direction on where to focus on making a real difference to the customer,  to give us the best chance of winning their business.“

Barry Delaney, Head of Marketing, EBS 


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