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Commercialising Innovation: Bulgaria & Poland

When Carlsberg developed a new global alcohol-free beer brand, they decided to test launch it in Bulgaria and Poland, and use the learnings to roll out the brand into other markets. However, timings were very tight to have the launch ready for the key summer season.

Taking leadership of the launch planning process under the guidance of the global marketing director for alcohol-free brews, we brought a team together that included global functions, local markets, creative and research agencies to prepare for launch, while applying our specialist knowledge on innovation commercialisation best practice. Together with this team, we developed a launch strategy, creative platform and creative assets, local launch plans and a detailed learning plan to allow us to adapt launch activities in real time during the launch.

“The team at Brand Led Growth excelled at bringing together a diverse cross-functional and cross-market team who had not previously worked together in this way. Their combination of enthusiasm, empathy and co-ordination skills helped ensure we had a highly committed and empowered team who executed a superb launch against a very challenging timeline.” 

Brendan Williams, Global Marketing Director, Alcohol Free Brews, Carlsberg




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